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Salma Hayek Pinault says 'people don't give me comedy' because of being 'stereotyped' in sexy roles

Salma Hayek Pinault is talking about how being cast as sexy early in her career limited her comedic opportunities.

In a interview with GQHype Posted on Monday, the actress reflects on her time at 90 film From Dusk Till Dawn , she wears a bikini with a snake around her neck, she continues to be cast as a character despite interest in starring in comedy resemblance.

“I was stereotyped for a long time. I wanted to do comedy my whole life, but people wouldn’t give me comedy,” she recalls.

“They said, ‘You’re sexy, so you’re not allowed to have a sense of humor,'” she said. “In the 90 era, not only are you not allowed to be smart, but you are also not allowed to be funny.”

Although she was in the 2002 Oscar nominated for Frida Kahlo in the movie Frida , the actress noted that her career didn’t go the way she thought it would, and she went on to land the same sexy roles: “When I was nominated for an Oscar, the type of roles people were offering me were just not there Change. I was really struggling and I thought it was going to change, but it didn’t.”

However, when she got in touch with Adam Sandler, it did happen Variation, Adam Sandler cast her in comedy adult . “I didn’t find a role until I met Adam Sandler, who cast me in in a comedy [2023) )Grown Ups], but I was in my forties,” she said.

In comparing her early career to the present, Hayek Pinault explained that despite “sadness at the time,” she is now “doing Various types of jobs, at some point in my life they told me I would expire – the last years I Will go out of business.”

“So I’m not sad, I’m not angry; I’m laughing,” she added. ) Magic Mike’s Last Dance . Of the film and her character, Hayek Pinault described it as “not just a film about an older woman falling in love with a younger man,” but a film “about A film for a middle-aged woman with unlimited potential” ruined her life.

“There was a point in my life where I thought my sexuality wasn’t the only thing that was appreciated anymore,” she reflected. Will care because I’ve earned enough respect from people who really matter that I feel surpassed. ”

She also joked about how to star in Magic Mike’s Last Dance Perhaps marking a “full circle” moment for her: “Now, someone undresses me. ”




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