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Salma Hayek Shares Her Secret to Looking Beautiful in a Bikini at 56

Salma Hayek looks stunning in a bikini, and she knows it. Recently, the 56 year old has shown the world many different photos of her in a shredded tie bikini and just celebrated her earning of One million U.S. dollars. Gained followers on Instagram by sharing her simple workout routine at the pool.

“Since you all love my bikini pics the most, here’s a bikini workout for you,” she captioned. “I hate working out, but I love celebrating the good times of dancing in the water.” If all water aerobics classes were anything like the accompanying video, the hobby would have an even more glamorous reputation. This is not your local municipal pool.

Whether it’s in-pool leg raises or sit-ups, exercising in water is far less likely to damage your joints than doing the same move on land, which is great for women going through menopause Crucially, bones are naturally more fragile at this time. Water provides a degree of resistance, which is good for building strength, but also makes injury less likely. Not to mention how exercising in the water can help lower your body temperature—say goodbye to sweating.

Fun, low impact, and no sweaty red face afterwards? Hayek knows a thing or two about her pool routine.



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