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Samantha Hanratty on her 'yellow jacket' role: 'I just want to hug her and tell her to go to therapy'

While Samantha Hanratty was filming the horrific plane crash sequence, Showtime Yellowjackets , she had to do the opposite instead of using her emotions. “I’m a very emotional person; I’m an empath,” she said. “I, as Samantha, would have been sobbing. I would have had a nervous breakdown. But Misty sees things very differently.”

In Amy In the first season of the award-nominated series, which tells the story of a high school football team lost in the wilderness) and their adult counterparts dealing with the impact of their actions today, Hanratty grim audience as the calculating lonely Misty Quigley, played by Emmy nominee Christina Ricci as an adult. But just as Misty repeatedly sabotaged her classmates, drugged her soccer coach or grimly amputated a leg, Hanratty has feelings for the curly-haired eccentric: “I just want to hug her and tell her Go get treatment.”

This 48 year old Hanratty has been performing since she was 6, but even after Pushing Daisies and Shameless , Yellowjackets are her biggest roles to date. Before booking the role, she went through multiple rounds of auditions for the series — reading to Misty and the cynical cool girl Natalie (who ended up being played by Sophie Thatcher). Hanratty had no idea she would play the same role as Ricci, another star who has worked in the industry since childhood. When Hanratty found out who she would share the role with, she fell down an internet rabbit hole. “I started looking up her pictures and looking at my own pictures,” she said. “I [put] them aside and was like, ‘What do we have in common? What don’t we have?'”

Samantha Hanratty
Rowan Daly

Hanratty and Ricci didn’t coordinate much to find their take on Misty. While Hanratty wouldn’t put psychedelic mushrooms in anyone’s soup, she did find something in common with the clumsy teen. “I had a lot of relationships with her and just wanted to be liked by people,” she said. “I felt like my mental health in Canada was terrible when I was filming last season. This was the first time I was on medication for anxiety and depression.”

The production was set in Vancouver, but the young cast got caught up in a tight bond by staying in a hotel about an hour’s drive from the city in order to be closer to the countryside.” We all think, ‘What the hell are we getting ourselves into?'” But as Hanratty prepares to head north for season two — a road trip with partner Alexa Barajas — she’s excited about what’s to come, even now She just relies on her own theories.

Samantha Hanratty as Misty (with Steven Krueger as Ben) on Showtime’s Yellowjackets .

Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME 1500

After so many years in business, Hanratty is convinced that acting is her intention. She also has a reputation for playing “The Crazy Guy Who Quotes Not Quotes.” She said, “A big part of it is that I like to delve into the psychology of why people do what they do. I don’t judge the character. I don’t say ‘Gosh, Misty’s neurosis’ or something. I get into It’s like, ‘Oh, this is a wounded puppy biting because they’ve never been loved.’

This The story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter Magazine’s August issue.



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