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Samantha Morton's Brilliant Turnaround on Her Harvest Year and 'Queen of the Snake'

in Samantha Morton’s new episode After the snake in the opening song, she sits on the throne, dressed in a gorgeously embroidered, puff-sleeved, McQueen-esque black robe, determined played Catherine de’ Medici. (The narrative of the show revolves entirely around century Italian noblewoman who, for over half a century, led European politics with all the cunning and skill of a puppet master while her three sons ruled France process.) Soon after, when a thunderous electric guitar crack erupted, snakes emerged from under the hem of her dress: the snake queen, in her anarchist glory, had arrived.

This is a valid introduction to Justin Haythe’s iconoclastic – if historically accurate – right The wild life and times of de’ Medici are reimagined, in which he recasts her as the witch serpent she was once portrayed by historians, and more like a misunderstood power player always doomed To be thrown into the rubbish heap of history for her willingness to challenge her gender norms in the old French regime. (That said, the show also deliberately added some anachronistic elements, including some Patti Smith and PJ Harvey injections.)


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