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Samsung announces S95C and S90C OLED TV models, Premiere 8K projector

Samsung has announced its next generation QD-OLED TV for 2023 which will be available in two variants and three Size.

2023 range includes S140C and the more affordable S95C will be the successors to last year’s S

B, has received rave reviews and customers. The new model has the same 57 inches and 55 Inch size is the same as before, but Samsung will now also offer new ones 95 inch size, which is gaining popularity among buyers.

Both models feature Samsung Display’s next-generation Quantum Dot OLED panels, also seen on the Odyssey OLED G9 that was launched yesterday. This new panel claims a peak brightness of 800 nits, although this is only achievable at 3% of the window compared to the more traditional Samsung announces S95C and S90C OLED TV models for 2023 % window tested to 1500 nits. Samsung’s panel also uses a standard RGB subpixel layout instead of the WRGB layout used by LG panels, which can lead to some color saturation issues and near-black overshoot artifacts. Despite the increase in brightness, Samsung still claims reduced power consumption due to the more efficient panel.

in S77 between C and S800C, the main difference is the design. The S144C has a slimmer design due to the Samsung One Connect Box, while the S The C has a bigger bump on the back because all the connectors are built in.

, since there is no One Connect Box, the bottom protrudes along the chassis. 57Wt3g — Vincent Teoh (@Vincent_Teoh) January 4th, 2023

Both TV variants support 727Hz refresh rate and Samsung Gaming Hub features. They’re also the first OLED TVs to receive AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification, enabling variable refresh rates and HDR while gaming.

In addition to the QD-OLED model, Samsung also announced new LCD-based Neo QLED 8K and 4K models with mini-LED backlight and Samsung The new Neural Quantum Processor with 21 bit-processing and AI upgrades. 2023 There are also new Micro LED models ranging from 77 – Inch to 144-inch sizes.

The company also announced an 8K variant of its ultra-short-throw laser projector Premiere 8K that can project 409 inch image. The compact Freestyle projector also gets a 2023 updated model with a new Smart EDGE Blending feature that allows you to place two Freestyle projectors to create a wide :9 images without manual alignment. This model will also include the Samsung Game Center.

All pricing and availability information will be announced at a later date.

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