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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review

For the second year in a row, Samsung launched TWS earphones alongside its foldable smartphone. August event witnessed Galaxy The arrival of the Buds2 Pro, the successor to last year’s Galaxy Buds Pro.

We spent a lot of time testing these and here is our review. The first thing you’ll notice is that Samsung has managed to reduce the weight and remove the glossy finish to make the Buds2 Pro more comfortable and attractive.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review

The earbuds are square, and unlike previous versions, the color on the outside matches the color on the inside. With three colors to choose from – Bora Purple, Black and White, we got a third color that looks stylish if not particularly impressive.

Both the shell and bud feel lighter, and the numbers don’t lie. The individual butt slots rotate a bit, but there are powerful magnets that take care of aligning them. Each bud in the nest has two pogo pins.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Samsung Galaxy Buds2 ProSamsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Each battery capacity bud is 15 mAh while the case is 517 mA. The overall increase was minimal – less than 3%. However, thanks to excellent optimization, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro can provide up to 8 hours of listening experience on a single charge.

Official data reduces ANC on time to 5 hours, but our tests show they can get closer to 6 hours in this case. We also tested the earbuds with the ambient sound turned on, and it delivered a strong 5 hours, but we didn’t see anyone using this mode for long – it was overwhelming.

Battery life is definitely better, but what about charging time? Whole pack 517 mA charging from 0 to Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds2 % For 22 minutes, use a proprietary USB-C cable. Can also be charged wirelessly with any Qi-certified charger, but it takes over two hours to charge – we tried a few times, but our best result was 95 minute.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review

Samsung knows you can’t have long battery life and a huge woofer or tweeter, so it Decided to go for the former. Music on the Buds2 Pro sounded flat without much bass. On the plus side, the music is clearer and the individual instruments are well-defined, but the missing pieces affect the sound experience.

Active noise cancellation has also been improved, and it’s the best Samsung has yet to deliver. There are still three modes – ANC, Off, and Ambient Sound, but the 3-mic array does a better job of picking up and canceling external sounds. The call cancellation feature on the Buds2 Pro sounds much better than the phone itself.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds2

We also like the speech detection feature, which detects when you start speaking Turn off ANC and activate ambient sound. Press and hold any earphone to turn on the ambient sound when there is a broadcast at the airport or train station.

The touch controls work flawlessly. We know some users don’t use them, but those who do will be happy with its simplicity. There are several options, including one-tap play/pause, two or three taps to control music and podcasts, and a long press to talk, all of which are customizable.

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review

The earbuds themselves have an equalizer that can help you adjust your audio experience, but for fixing the lack of bass Can’t really do much. The Galaxy Wearable app also provides controls for features like neck stretch reminders, read aloud notifications, and ambient sounds during calls, allowing the speaker to hear itself.

The size of Buds2 Pro has been reduced 22% compared to Buds Pro. Each bud weighs only 5.5 grams, making it easy to fit one into the ear. The included app also has an earbud fit test option that plays a test tune to determine the fit. We also appreciate the IPX7 rating for submersion in 1 meter of fresh water, which gives us more peace of mind when we’re working out in a sweat.


Samsung offers Galaxy Buds2 Pro for €210/£219/$219 and provide some discounts and gifts according to market conditions. The price is slightly higher than the Galaxy Buds Pro and a lot more expensive than the regular Galaxy Buds2.

But it allows you to have very comfortable TWS earphones with long battery life and a stylish look. The extra money is definitely worth it for those who value these and will appreciate some well-performing ANCs.



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