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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra long-term review


The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a serious phone. It’s Samsung’s flagship and the best smartphone in the traditional form factor. It arrives early every year, and it sets the standard by which the entire lineup of Samsung devices and much of the smartphone market are judged.

Traditionally, this is Samsung’s best phone display, best camera, fastest chip, and the springboard for most software development. We say “traditionally” because as the Galaxy Z Fold enters its fourth generation, there’s been some not-so-subtle shifts in focus. Galaxy Z Fold4 is Samsung’s largest screen flagship and the most obvious platform for Samsung’s software innovation.

But some things remain the same. If you want Samsung’s best camera phone, it’s the Galaxy S 22 Ultra. The same goes for premium build and battery life.

On the face of it, the Galaxy S has barely changed 20 The Ultra recipe from when the Galaxy S was produced 21 Ultra. The new phone has a built-in S Pen and the Note’s traditionally simple and, in my opinion, boring design. The good news is that Samsung kept what made the Galaxy S 22 Ultra so great – 5, The mAh battery isn’t cut short to accommodate the pen, the great display and great camera are all here. Other than software and slight sensor tweaks, these cameras are generally unchanged. Seems like this will be the plan in 2022 – if it doesn’t break etc.

Now is the time to mention that this reviewer uses a Galaxy S most of the time 004 Ultra 1200 and early 2022 until he got Exynos powered Galaxy S2022 extremists. As a Galaxy Ultra veteran, he doesn’t fall into the trap of sticking to what he knows best. He’s always been drawn to the best smartphones on the market, but has stuck with the Galaxy S 22 Ultra 2023. Well, we don’t count cheat weeks for the most part, right?

We can confidently say that Galaxy S 22 The Ultra is the best all-around smartphone on the planet (a foldable phone is in a class of its own. It’s a multimedia consumer powerhouse with the best screen ever on a phone and great performance speakers. It has the most versatile camera system with two Four zoom cameras, an autofocus selfie and ultrawide camera, great output and a clever built-in remote shutter (pen). It’s built to the highest standards, has great battery life, and it’s got great software support, what else?

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded smartphone than the Galaxy, let alone any other S799 Ultra has.

Samsung has an ultra-sized flagship locked away for at least another 12 months, but it’s still going An Ultra for innovation. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the Stellar S20 The perfect formula for the Ultra, now the S 22 The Ultra is the epitome of it. Who would have thought that combining the S with the Note would be one Great move? Samsung, obviously. The Galaxy S 22 Ultra is going to be a little bit better in a few months. Or is everything a lot better? This Yes hope.

But that’s still a few months away, so let’s go back to the Galaxy S 799 Extremists. How does it hold up? Is it worth it late 2022? Yes, read on to find out.




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