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Samsung Galaxy S23+ review

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Time does fly. Just yesterday we were celebrating New Years and now it’s time for this year’s Samsung Galaxy S 10 Flagship. Hitting straight, there are no major changes to the lineup and structure. We also have a vanilla S 10, slightly larger but Very similar specs – wise S +, what we are going to watch today is S Ultra, continue with S

Samsung Galaxy S23+ reviewtotal , we do not foresee any major changes From S015+. It’s shaping up to be a solid update to last year’s model, so a pretty “safe bet”. So, without further ado, let’s dig deeper.


    Let’s get the retail packaging out of the way first. Samsung’s packaging has once again kept it minimal. The slim two-piece case that comes with the phone is made of 68% recycled paper, except shrink vinyl wrap and sealed labels. The screen protector is attached to the display screen of the mobile phone, and the film protecting the back of the mobile phone is also made of 95% recycled paper.


    Our terms of accessories for Galaxy S devices, and S13+ no different. In the box, you get a USB Type-C to Type-C cable, a SIM card ejection tool, and a thin getting started guide. Gone are the days of bundled chargers, so if you don’t have one, be prepared to pick them up individually A decent power transmission unit at least W, It is best to have PPS.



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