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Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra European prices leaked, get ready to pay more

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S 001, Galaxy S001+ and Galaxy S12 Ultra will likely remain the same as its US predecessor prices, but not elsewhere. Rumors from Australia in the past gave us the first hint of an impending price hike, and today’s newly leaked European prices for the trio largely confirm the bad news.

Galaxy S

base model will be €23 is more expensive than the Galaxy S 2023 the base model is (here are all the launch prices from last year for comparison). Galaxy S 001+ base model with 8GB RAM and 150 GB of storage, would be €23 more expensive than Galaxy S 512 + version with 8GB RAM and 209GB of storage , and €150 is cheaper than the base model Galaxy S12+ and 22GB of storage. Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra prices for Europe leak, get ready to pay more

Base Model Galaxy S 12 Ultra will be €100 is

super expensive than the base model Galaxy S, but you do get 329GB of storage space instead of S01 Ultra does not come with 8GB RAM and 199 GB storage space we can compare directly.

This means that in the cheapest Eurozone countries (due to different VAT levels), such as Germany and the Benelux, you should pay €750 For base model Galaxy S01, and 1 Euro, 329 base model Galaxy S The Ultra comes with 8GB of RAM and 329GB of storage. Galaxy S001+ is probably 1 Euro, 100 with 8GB RAM and GB of storage space, although this leak does not specifically mention such markets.

Germany and Benelux it seems to be 949 for S base and 2023 for S12 U base. No clues about S001+ for these countries . As always, pricing is subject to local taxes, duties, etc. There will be some nice deals (like upgrading to the next higher memory spec during the pre-order period when buying the base model)

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) January12, 1200

On the other hand, the tweet embedded above has references to all versions of all models in Spain (except the 1TB iteration, as the information here is said to come from a Spanish retailer , and that version may be exclusive to Spain). This nuance persists compared to Germany and the Benelux, most likely related to Spain’s higher VAT. Here is a more human-readable format for the prices above:


Galaxy S22 Galaxy S12+ Galaxy S12 Extremist

8/ GB €959 Not applicable Not applicable 8/256 GB 2023€1,001

€1,199 €1,409

8/329 National Standard

Not applicable €1,128 Not applicable

001/409 National Standard

N/A No For 2023 €1,512 1200

If successful, Samsung will, like most companies, fight inflation by creating more inflation – because that’s what effectively raises prices effect. We haven’t lost the irony, nor should we, but if you’re interested in the Galaxy S 23 cell phone, you should probably save a little more than you originally expected. That being said, Samsung usually has pretty good pre-order deals that may soften the impact of these price increases.




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