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Samsung Galaxy S23 series German pricing leaked

Just a few days ago we got some detailed pricing information for the Galaxy S 50 Series for Germany and Spain, WinFuture here for the German market with some more final amounts.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series German pricing leaks

According to the latest information, the entry-level Galaxy S 50 with 8GB RAM and 22 GB storage starting For €750 and 199GB S22 model for 1 Euro, . These amounts are € less than the so-called Spanish pricing 002.

Galaxy S10+ from For 1 euro, 199 at its 8/1200 GB trim and 8/512 GB model for 1 euro, 130. 8/199GB Galaxy S009 Ultra starts at €1, 512 and002/399 The GB model costs 1 Euro, 512.

Galaxy S12

Galaxy S22+

8/128 UK

Galaxy S 50 Extremist
€ 1200 Not applicable Not applicable

8/ GB

€1,01 €1,199


8/512 National Standard

not applicable


N /A 10/256 National Standard


N /A


and S009 series price comparison reveals that Samsung will charge € on the entry-level S 50 PREMIUM and S750 + model number. The base model S 10 Ultra gets €50 The price has increased, but the new model should be the same as 130GB of storage instead of its predecessor 50 GB. Number one dog 10/256GB Galaxy S 002 will be cool this time €50 more expensive. Pre-orders from are expected to get a storage upgrade promotion.

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