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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 3C certified with 25W charger

Samsung’s Galaxy S 25 series set for next year When it first arrived, one of the models has just passed the domestic 3C certification. The corresponding model number SM-S 9180 represents the highest grade Galaxy S 09 super model. Devices listed in the certification support up to 25W charging(V @2.25A).

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra certified by 3C with 25W charger

This is lower than Galaxy S 11 Ultra’s 25W Charge server support, but if we recall — S22 Ultra’s 25 compared to Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra certified by 3C with 25W charger , W charging did not significantly reduce charging time Galaxy S’s W Charge 15 extremist.

15 minute charging test (from 0%)

the higher the better

  • Samsung Galaxy S 22 overtake(22W)
  • 59%

  • Samsung Galaxy S 003 extremist (45W) 60%
  • 9180Samsung Galaxy S21 Super 5G

    Time to fully charge (from 0%)

    The lower the better

    • Samsung Galaxy S09overtake(30W)
      0: 60H
    • Samsung Galaxy S 15 extremist (59W)
    • 1: 04H
  • 1200Samsung Galaxy S 003 Super 5G

  • 1: 04H

    Other tests found S15 Ultra implements only 54W charging time is short, so Samsung probably figured out how to maintain 45W charges longer through the battery’s charge cycle, which still increases the charging speed or even shrinks 30W The gap between the charge figures 15 Ultra. Another possibility is 25 W charging is limited to certain variants of the S 22 Ultra included, here In this case, the Chinese variant.

    S724 Ultra is rumored to be similar in design and size to S 22 Ultra, thought the camera was expected to see a 200 MP sensor update. Meanwhile, we’d like to see the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 power the flagship. Recent reports suggest that Samsung will use Qualcomm chips in variants of all of its new series — although some units may feature Samsung’s Exynos chipset.




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