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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 'confirmed' again with 200 MP camera

We’ve heard multiple times that Samsung plans to equip the upcoming Galaxy S 23 Ultra with 200 MP camera, and another report today seems to “confirm” that info – as long as the rumors are okay, anyway.

According to sources from Samsung’s hometown of South Korea, the company has notified “major camera partners” that it will be used in its next-generation flagship devices 200 MP camera. Currently used 08 MP resolution with Galaxy S20 Ultra Launched together two years ago, will be three years old by the time S23 launches.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Samsung Galaxy S Ultra

So Samsung will play the numbers game again, with the Motorola X Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra released earlier this month Pro to match and, according to rumors, also to be launched with the upcoming Xiaomi 12T Pro. While the resolution may be the same, Samsung will likely use the new sensor for its own devices rather than any of the ones it sells to competitors.





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