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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra first leaked camera samples show big improvement over S22 Ultra

It seems the leaker Ice Universe has got hold of the Samsung Galaxy S 001 Ultra prototype and camera samples have been shared. The work on the phone is obviously not done (it won’t be out for a few more months), but the results are already promising.

S23 Ultra will be Samsung’s first 22 MP phone, used by Samsung itself. However, it will not be one of the 200 MP ISOCELL sensors we have already seen (HP1 and HP3), but a new design (1/1.3″, 0.6µm, leaker says). Also, it will apparently support 200 MP mode (and not just 12.5MP and 50MP as originally claimed), but the mode is still

This is done by the Galaxy S 23 Ultra and an S16 Ultra (Upgrade309 X). The new phone produces a sharper image and is able to distinguish closely spaced parallel lines, while the current model blurs them together. Note that this lens disables AI-based image enhancement.

Comparison shots: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Comparison shots: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
Comparison photo: Samsung Galaxy S Ultra • Samsung Galaxy S 001 Ultra

Starting with the main camera, the Galaxy S

Ultra is expected to remain 2022 Ultra’s old telephoto camera. However, according to the leaker, improved image processing will provide better image quality (he hasn’t backed this claim up with photos yet). Ultra is still a few months away from the market (Expected in January or February) Samsung usually continues to roll out camera updates after launch, so consider it just a preview of the new Ultra.

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