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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 boosts battery and health sensor size for a better smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Samsung

Samsung just launched three new products for its popular Galaxy Watch lineup: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Galaxy Watch 5 High​​​​​​​​ Bigger, stronger, and more versatile than previous iterations, new smartwatches are on the way, each packed with many useful features and major upgrades. From advanced fitness tracking sensors to larger batteries, these new watches are definitely an upgrade over the Galaxy Watch 4. Specs aside, we now know the exact release date and pricing for the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, as well as the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.


In terms of design, this The two new watches don’t deviate from the conventions established by the Galaxy Watch lineup. They have a round dial surrounded by thin protruding bezels and attach to a Samsung-made strap. The design is fairly minimal and unobtrusive, but you can customize the watch – Samsung touts the ability to build your favorite smartwatch from a variety of models, sizes, case and band colors using Bespoke Studio on its official website. Out of the box, both the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro feature sapphire crystal displays, and Samsung claims the outer layer is 60 percent stiffer than previous models. Yes, this is the first time Samsung has offered a sapphire crystal in its wearable lineup.

The new watch will help you plan your workout

Samsung has introduced improved sensor technology in the next-generation Galaxy Watch to help the smartwatch track all kinds of useful things . Like the Galaxy Watch 4 series, the new Watch 5 features the company’s BioActive Sensor, which combines bioelectrical impedance analysis, electrical heart signals, and an optical heart rate sensor on a single chip. These sensors track your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and heart health, and users can use the popular ECG monitoring feature, an Apple-first (smartwatch-wise). Samsung also promises to help you track your stress levels and various health-related metrics, such as temperature, by using infrared light and body composition.


Unsurprisingly, there’s also a sleep tracker with snoring detection to keep you entertained while you’re at rest Pay close attention to your sleep stages. Galaxy Watch 5 can help improve your sleep hygiene by automatically turning off connected lights and electronics when you reach bedtime. Falls or trips notify emergency contacts to help you, and if you get tired after a workout, Galaxy Watch 5 collects all your post-cardio cardio data to help you adjust your intensity next time. The watch will even remind you to drink water based on your sweating. Like most smartwatches, Samsung’s new gadget is a useful A workout planner that will guide you on your fitness journey and then help you follow the exact same path home when you cycle or run too far. It’s also an entertainment companion, with access to apps like Spotify and Google Assistant, making it easier to use the smaller device when you don’t want to take out your phone. Galaxy Watch 5 Golf Edition takes sports a step further and customizes your golf experience with additional advice.

It’s not cheap, but it could be worse


Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 has a bigger and better battery by default , the base version has a 13% larger battery than the Watch 4. The Galaxy Watch Pro 5 has a real behemoth by comparison, though, with a 60 percent larger battery than the Watch 4. It also comes with an enhanced sapphire crystal and titanium case, making it even more durable. Notably, Samsung promises 8 hours of sleep tracking — in terms of battery life — with just 8 minutes on the charger. Samsung pitches this device to those who want to get the most out of their workouts, including those who take you into rough, uncharted territory. The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is now up for pre-order, valid until August 25. The watches will be available at multiple retailers, both online and in-store, starting August 26. These dates apply to all three models. SamsungPricing varies by version, and of course size also plays a role effect. The smaller 40mm version is available in Graphite, Rose Gold and Silver with a Bora Purple strap, the latter of which looks great with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable strap, while the larger 44m version can be purchased in Graphite, Sapphire , and silver.Bluetooth version of base Galaxy Watch 5 starts at $279.99, LTE version Pricing starts at $329.99, and it can go up depending on the exact model you choose. Galaxy Watch 5 Golf Edition starts at $329.99. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth and LTE versions of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are priced at $449.99 and $499.99, respectively. It may not be cheap, but there are more expensive watches out there.



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