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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 all included in teardown video

Earlier this month, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 went through some grueling “durability tests” involving scratching, burning, and (trying to) bend it, and while it does survive and keep running, it’s a little weird – It pops when it bends back and then it doesn’t close completely.

This must be fun, which is why the same Zack JerryRigEverything YouTube channel from is back, this time tearing down the tested The same unit, trying to figure out the cause of these pops. It’s all in the video for you to enjoy.

If you like to see the inside of things, then you will love this. The dissection starts with the protective layer on top of the internal display, followed by the plastic bezel bumper. The screen sits on a metal plate, which makes it easier to remove than without.

The suction cups and razor blades help access the rear, then it’s time for the inside to be exposed. You can see how big the main camera sensor is compared to the ultra-wide, and how different the hinge is compared to the Flip3. Unfortunately, even from the inside, it’s not clear what’s causing the popping noise during the bend test, as everything looks fine. Best of all, the phone is reassembled – surprise, surprise! – still valid.



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