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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 rumored size emerges

With the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 events rumored to take place in late July, we now have a new set of details about the alleged dimensions of the larger folding phone. The famous Twitter Ice Universe shared the dimensions of the Galaxy Z Fold5, which is very similar to its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 rumored dimensions emerge

Z Fold5 will measure 154.9 x 13.9 x 6.1mm expanded state and 154.9 x 23.1 x 13.4mm when folded. The upcoming device is said to weigh 67 grams, which is 9 grams lighter than the Z Fold4. The leaker also confirmed that the screen cover of the Z Fold5 will remain at 6.2 inches. The big change for the Z Fofd5 and Z Flip5 will be the new droplet hinge mechanism, which is said to significantly reduce folding screen creases on Samsung’s upcoming foldable devices.

Z Fold5 expected to be available in 256GB, 256GB and 1TB storage options beige, black and light blue.




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