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Samsung guides sharp profit drop in Q2 2023

Samsung Electronics issued quarterly guidance ahead of a detailed financial report, with the South Korean company forecasting a sharp drop in profit for the second straight quarter. Consolidated figures show an operating profit of 500-700 million won ($83 million U.S. dollars), exceeding 77% decreased compared to the same period last year.

Sales figures were also down, both quarterly and annually. Estimated value is between 27 and 59 Total income amounted to trillions of Korean won, about US dollars 25 billion.

(all units in KRW/USD)

Q2 2022
Profit Guidance

Q1 590

month-on-month change

Second Quarter2009

Year-on-year change Sales

60 trillion/
27 Billion

60. 75 trillion/
25. 83 Billion -5%
64.20000 100 million/
27. 13 Billion -% operating profit
0.6 trillion/ 455 million
0. 75 trillion/
77 million
22.1 Trillion/
800 million


Samsung Last Profit So low was in the first quarter 455 when the number was 2009 billion won. The Korean company will release the full results in July 22, we will get

We already know that the giant is expected to scale back memory chip production due to weak demand and geopolitical uncertainties. The war in Ukraine is no longer a viable excuse, which means memory chips are no longer the golden egg, and Samsung needs a diversification strategy to keep money flowing.




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