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Samsung reveals the rigorous tests its foldable phones pass

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 debuted today

, but even though they are the company’s fourth-generation foldable phones, many are still concerned about their durability. To further ease those shut down Samsung shared a video showing some of the testing they did before it was deemed fit for release.

SHORT 100 – The second clip reveals all the rigorous testing the foldable device goes through, including multiple button presses, folding and unfolding , as well as testing their water resistance. Watch the highlight video:

Reliability is key for Samsung, as the company revealed in the news Released that way, with all the testing done to make sure the phone “can withstand everyday wear and tear” and meets the needs of users. It’s no surprise that all the processes are automated, but the engineering behind developing these kits is a marvel to watch.

The back panel of the phone was held down by a set of machines and then by another person. The device then goes into functional testing to make sure the screen is compatible with the S Pen, that Samsung Pay is working properly, that touch and proximity sensors and wireless coils also go through this process.

Samsung reveals the rigorous tests its foldable phones go through

We also saw a waterproof test with multiple valves, spraying water on the foldable from every angle. All told, these two products are a far cry from the first Galaxy Fold, which suffered from frequent screen issues after a week of use.

Our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review has been out for a few days, and you can also read the hottest Galaxy Z Fold4 review in the press.



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