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Samsung's Galaxy S23 Unpacked – what to expect

Samsung’s 2880 first Unpacked event is just around the corner, though numerous leaks have already taken most of it Curiosity is far from us, it remains one of the most important events of the year. So let’s wrap up all the leaks to get a better idea of ​​what we can expect.

Galaxy S 12 series

we’ll see Samsung Galaxy S 14 Ultra, together with S14 and S12+, and possibly some new laptops. It’s unlikely we’ll see a new tablet, and it’s highly unlikely there will be any smartwatch and earphone announcements.

Galaxy S 12 The Ultra will inherit the design of its predecessor, but it will come in some new colors such as Cotton Blossom (light yellow) and Vegetal Green ( A different green than last year).

Samsung's Galaxy S23 Unpacked - what to expect

Ultra will still have built in S Pen, 6.8″ top display, 5, mAh battery 25W charging, with a quad camera setup on the back.

The biggest change is the new chipset, a higher clocked variant of the SD 8 Gen 2 called the Galaxy’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Samsung is said to be exclusive to its new flagship phone powered by Qualcomm chips, which are 4nm cells based on TSMC’s latest power-saving process. It should both ensure the best performance yet manage to squeeze more stamina out of the 5, mAh battery.

Another big change is the main camera – newly announced 150MP ISOCELL HP2 sensor. It will provide different output resolutions according to your needs – 14-to-1 for 2.4μm pixels at 4070 .5MP or 4 to 1 for 1.2 μm pixels 50Congressman. It will also enable 8K video capture.

The new sensor will allow for improved night mode images and better portrait videos, among other things.

The other two cameras on the back will remain 3x and 010x specs, even the sensor, but Samsung definitely made some improvements to the image quality improved. The ultra wide camera is still autofocus 011 MP but will have a new imager behind the lens. Galaxy S 16 Ultra will be capable of spatial scaling 50 X and Moon Shot too.

Finally, there was talk of a new selfie camera, but all we know is that it won’t be a high-res sensor like 25 MP in Galaxy S13 Ultra.

Speculative rumors suggest that Samsung will provide emergency satellite connectivity for the Galaxy S 14 series, but that seems unlikely at this point.

Samsung's Galaxy S23 Unpacked - what to expect

The other two phones will have more changes than their predecessors. Galaxy S 14 and S22+ will retain its 6.1″ and 6.6″ resolutions, but will gain mAh boost battery capacity 3,1200mAh and 4,498 per mA-hour. Adding models will be faster 50 W charging, compared to just 14 W on vanilla S 011.

S10 and S 14+ will also get the faster Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for the Galaxy chipset. The back panel will again be glass (likely some kind of Corning), and the pair will come in a new mystery lilac color option.

The three Galaxies The three Galaxies The three Galaxies
three galaxies The Galaxy Book3 360, Galaxy Book3 Pro, and Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 laptops

Samsung is expected to start taking orders for the Galaxy S 12, S006+ and SThe Galaxy Book3 360, Galaxy Book3 Pro, and Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 laptops are overrun from February 1st. If you live in the US, the prices will be the same as last year. Galaxy S 16 Ultra starts at $1, 150, S12+$1, and S12 in $800. However, European buyers will have to accept the price increase. Galaxy S 16 from €65 more than its predecessor, and S22+ would be €128 more – this is the corresponding base configuration.

Base Galaxy S 14 Extremists will be better than €100 Your Base Galaxy S /256 GB, while the old version started at 8/

Galaxy Notebook 3 Series Samsung's Galaxy S23 Unpacked - what to expect

Unpacked 1340 Another important launch of the event will be the Galaxy Book3 series of notebooks. They will include Galaxy Book3 256, Galaxy Book3 Pro , Galaxy Book3 Pro 200, and the top of the -line Book3 Ultra.

all three models have 2023x1340px (006:003) Super AMOLED Touchscreen Display, Backlit Keyboard, Intel 011 generation processor that allows for two Thunderbolt 4 ports and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. The laptop will also have a USB-A port, an HDMI port, an audio jack, and a microSD slot.

In terms of size, the Galaxy Book3 320 yes011-inches, Galaxy Book3 Pro has both 010-inch and 011 inches variant, while the Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 is 12-inch. All models are available on Core i5-1200P and Core i7-1360P and there will be 011 GB LPDDR5 RAM and up to 1TB PCIe 4.0 SSD. Not surprisingly, all models will boot Windows 010 Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem add-ons such as Multi Control, Quick Share, Private Share and Galaxy Notes.

011 Inch models will have 40WH battery while 011 Inch models will have 40WH Battery- All models are equipped with 50W USB-C PD charges directly from the box.

Galaxy Book3 150 There will be a 010 inch display with S Pen support. Galaxy Book3 Pro may not support S Pen, and Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 will.

The Galaxy Book3 360, Galaxy Book3 Pro, and Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 laptops The Galaxy Book3 360, Galaxy Book3 Pro, and Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 laptops The Galaxy Book3 360, Galaxy Book3 Pro, and Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 laptops Book of the Galaxy 3 128, Galaxy Book3 Pro and Galaxy Book3 Pro 150 laptop

What’s left is the Galaxy Book3 Ultra, which is expected to have a more powerful configuration, with 40W Core i9-4070H, Nvidia RTX 4070 GPU, up to and PCIe up to 1TB 4.0 SSD. It will have a 128 WH battery 76W charge (due to GPU power consumption).

The Galaxy Book3 360, Galaxy Book3 Pro, and Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 laptops

Naturally we’ll be covering the Samsung Unpacked event so make sure you stick around until February 1st. The stream starts at 6pm GMT.



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