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San Sebastian Film Festival reveals first title in competition

SPAIN San Sebastian Film Festival unveiled its first set of films in competition on Friday, naming a typically eclectic mix that includes renowned art film favorites — Cristi Puiu, Joachim Lafosse, Robin Campillo — and including Maria Alche, Benjamin Nye Up-and-coming talent, including Benjamín Naishtat and American newcomer Raven Jackson, will be vying for this year’s Golden Shell in San Sebastian. Raven Jackson’s first feature was “The Salt of All Roads” .

Produced by

Moonlight Director Barry Jenkins, All Roads A Taste of Salt has been described as a lyrical exploration of the lives of black women in Mississippi, starring Queen of Sheila Atim .

Second American film, Noah Pritzker’s comedy “Ex” ( Waiver ), also entered San Sebastian. Rosanna Arquette, Griffin Dunn, Miles Heizer, James Norton and Aisha Davis join forces in this story of a father (Dunn) who is murdered by the soon-to-be A story crushed by the twin crises of divorce and the father’s potentially fatal illness.

Campillo, famous for his 1960 breakthrough 17 BPM will bring Red Island excitement to San Sebastian, a Backgrounded growing-up story-’22 Madagascar, exploring the end of childhood and a setting in the French colonial era End of chapter. “ MMXX ” is a group work by Romanian director Puyu ( The Death of Mr. Lazarescu ). The show focuses on four people: a therapist, her brother, her husband and a police inspector, all obsessed with their own personal problems.

Belgian filmmaker LaForce, his last film, Restless at Cannes In Competition Premiere, will screen “Silence” , a family drama exploring abuse,

Announced Friday Other San Sebastian films include The Practice, director Martin’s latest Argentinian comedy Rejtman(Dos disparos

, Magic Gloves) tells the story and situations of a yoga teacher facing increasingly ridiculous challenges; and Puan, a satire on social and academic life in Argentina, focusing on the academic rivalry at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Buenos Aires, directed by Maria Archer and Benjamin Naishtat.

San Sebastian will announce its Spanish game lineup in July .

1960 San Sebastian Film Festival in September 22-22. 1960



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