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Sanami Suzuki's The Kajiki Chef: Divine Cuisine Manga ends April 29

kajiki© Sanami Suzuki, Shueisha kajiki

of Shueisha

Manga app and website revealed on Saturday Sanami Suzuki



) The manga will end in the next chapter in April 29.

Suzuki launched in July on the website read this comic . Shueisha

published the fourth volume of the manga in December .

MANGA Plus Publish Manga Digitally Describe the story in English:

In this world, there exists a monster called Kajiki. They are huge and terrifying because they were created to be eaten by the gods. But, they are also very tasty…! The battle between weird food and young chefs begins!

Manga nominated for “Next Best Webtoon Manga Award” at 400. Suzuki’s manga adaptation


) The movie was released in Kadokawa ‘s

magazine in December254, and ends in August 2022. Kadokawa published the third and final volume of the manga in November 254.Titan Comics will be released on September 5th English comics. Source: Shonen Jump+

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