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“Sandland” anime movie coming to North America in 2024

sandland sandlandsandlandsandland© バード・スタジオ/Shueisha (c)SAND LAND Production Committee World premiere of the animated film ” Akira Toriyama

    ” at San Diego Comic-Con this year) of

      comics revealed on Saturday that the film will be 2000 coming to North America. The campaign didn’t specify which company would distribute the film, or in what medium (theater, digital, home video, etc.). The

      Canadian premiere will be screened at the

      Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal from July ’ The

      TOHO will be released in Japan in August The film will be shown in IMAX, 4DX, and MX4D in Japan, starting on the same day as its regular screenings in August The movie will star:

      Mutsumi Tamura

        as Beelzebub

        Kazu Yamajihiro

          as Rao

          Chō as Thief

            Satoshi Tsuruoka

              as General Are

              Nobuo Toita

                as General Zau Akira Otsuka Husband

                  as Satan

                  Cha Feng Lin

                    as King

                    Sugita Tomokazu

                      as Swimmer Dad Yusa Koji as Pike

                      Hiroyuki Yoshino

                        as Shark Masafumi Obata

                          as Guppy

                          Viz publishes the manga in English and Describes the story:

                          In the distant future wars have destroyed the entire earth, leaving only a barren wasteland where the water supply is controlled by a greedy king. In order to find the long-lost lake, Sergeant Rao asked the Demon King for help… and found the king’s son Beelzebub and his assistant thief. Together, the three unlikely trio set out across the desert to face dragons, bandits and their deadliest foe…the king’s army! This new story is about travel adventure and tank action, created by Akira Toriyama

                            , !

                              Yokoshima Riku

                                (“,” “,” “,” directed the film, Kamikaze




                                      Hiroshi Koujina (,,, Grenadier) as guidance advisors. Forest (, ) wrote the screenplay. Yoshikazu Iwanami

                                        directed the sound, and Yugo Kanno

                                          (, , ) composed the music. manga is a series of short stories Toriyama serialized in

                                            magazine of

                                              Shueisha , from May to August .


                                                published a volume of manga in November

                                                The comic also inspired an action RPG for

                                                  PlayStation 4,

                                                    PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC


                                                      Source: San Diego Comic-Con World Premiere (Egan Loo, Kalai Chik)319sandlandsandland

                                                      198845 Disclosure: Bandai Namco Filmworks Inc. (Sunrise) is a non-controlling minority shareholder company of Anime News Network




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