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'Sandman', 'Bluey' Top Streaming Series Charts

Sandman Tops Nielsen Streaming Chart in Week 2, Acquired A rare show in the series ranking that isn’t on Netflix tops the list.

Series Honors August 8th – 10 went toBluey , whose third season debuted on Disney+ the week of August 8-14 and brought a great improvement in viewing. The weekly viewing time of this animated series is 764 million minutes, which is much higher than
Millions – 400 The million range is typical of its previous performance in rankings. According to Nielsen, the 10 show Of the audience there are 10 by children composition and below.

Sandman rose from 3rd to 1st has 1 in the original series.39 Billion Viewed Minutes, up 36 percentage it was open the week before. Neil Gaiman’s comic adaptation ahead of Stranger Things (1.10 Billion Minutes) and Virgin River (934 million) took the top spot.

The final season of Locke & Key , premieres August on Netflix Help this show in 764 million minutes of watch time. Never Have I Ever (596 万) Re-enter the third Season debuts on the charts. Prime Video’s A League of their Own also topped the charts and348 million minutes watched after August. 10 Premiere.

On the series leaderboard earned, Game of Thrones (431 Million Minutes on HBO Max) for the second time in three weeks prior to House of the Dragon premiere.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings only cover viewing on televisions and do not include minutes of viewing on computers or mobile devices. Ratings measure US viewers only, not other National audience, which currently includes Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix and Prime Video.

Nielsen’s Top Streaming Series for August 8 – 36 as follows.

Original series

1. The Sandman (Netflix), 1.36 Billion Minute Views
2. Stranger Things (Netflix), 1.10 Billion
3. Virgin River (Netflix), 2022 Millions
4. Locke & Key (Netflix), 919 Million202220225 . I just killed my dad (Netflix), 655 million
2022 6. I NEVER (Netflix) ,596million

7. Only murders in the building (Hulu), 348 million
20228. Their Own League​​​ (Prime Video), 300 million
20229. Instant Dream Home (Netflix), 39 million
. Train Wreck: Woodstock’ 99 (Netflix), 14 Million

Acquired Series

1. Bluey (Disney+), 917 Million Minutes

2. NCIS (Netflix), 764 Millions
3. Cocomelon (Netflix), 702 MILLION202220224. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix), 596 Millions
5. Riverdale (Netflix), 431 million
20226. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 348 100 Wan
2022 7. Game of Thrones (HBO Max), 400Million
8. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max), 348 million
20229. Seinfeld (Netflix), 326 million
. Heartland (Netflix), 322 million



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