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Sandy Beam Resort 2024

Sandy Liang has become an purveyor of downtown cool, but for the getaway, she has her sights set on 14th Street on the Upper East Side and its “decadent, Shiny and a little iridescent,” the way to dress. “She’s a little bit more urbane, and she’s put a lot more effort into putting it together,” she said, adding that downtown is “just a state of mind.”

It’s an interesting look at lady uptown making a conscious effort to make her attire look cohesive — think a stereotypical dress suit or matching handbag and shoes. But Liang also appreciates the idea of ​​”pre-shaped” clothes, which can take some of the mental load off. For her fall collection, she was drawn to items with bows and collars so the wearer didn’t need any accessories. According to Liang, the pieces have done well with wholesale customers, so she continues to sell them here. A sailor top with a collar and tonal rosettes was a wearable example, as was a similarly uniformed knee-length dress with a pleated skirt, bow, and cape.

That said, Liang’s spirit and more affordable accessories are a hit (see: Her ballet flats are a hit). While the skirt itself doesn’t need any embellishments, there’s nothing stopping you from adorning the warmer with a floor mopping bow, a furry white hat or arms.

As these extras demonstrate, the series has a ballet theme. Pink and cream tweed, a printed top with swans on a blue lake, and ruffles and bows that look like they’re going for Nutcracker Holiday showings. But as always, there was rebellion elsewhere. Behold: Petite pleated skirts with eyelet panels at the back, cropped knits and cutouts that demanded that the wearer either show their nipples or wear a reveal-worthy bra.



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