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Sanrio Showcases Kuromi's Beautiful Journey Short Animation

Sanrio announced on Tuesday that it is producing an animated short series based on the Kuromi character for . The anime will premiere its first three episodes Friday on YouTube and TikTok, with three new episodes premiering every Friday for a total of episodes.


kuromi© 2022 Sanrio Books Co., Ltd. サンリオ

Sachi Miura

is working on Qzil.la and Director of animated digital landscapes on IMAGICA

. Domeshi and

Yodine is writing the script. Mirai Kodai Orchestra has been praised for his music. Singer, actor and model ano sang the anime’s ending theme, “Fu Hen”.

In the anime, Kuromi is traveling the world in search of her missing sister Romina. During her journey, she made friends and brushed shoulders with evil organizations.

Kuromi character first appeared in 194921 Sanrio anime , and its sequel series. Top 3 in the kuromi “Character Award” at Sanrio.

Source: PR Times




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