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Saori Muronaga's Toki o Kakeru Sukeban Deka Manga Ended

sukeban© Shinji Wada, Saori Muronaga, Akita Shoten June issue from Akita Bookstore magazine announced Saturday that Saori Muronaga ‘s ()The manga will end in the July issue of the magazine and will be shipped in June 6.

Based on Shinji Wada‘s comics, The story of the manga revolves around a high school girl named Ba who is talented in karate but lacks confidence and has a timid personality. One day, she gets involved in a riot where a mysterious man tells her to become a Sukeban detective. Tomoe travels through time and meets another Sukeban detective, Saki Asamiya.

Shi Yongzai launched the manga) in January 2021. Akita Shoten published the first and second volumes of the manga in April 2006, March Volume Three .

Hotan’s iconic The manga centers on Saki Asamiya, a high school delinquent who makes a deal with the police to investigate her former high school and bust illegal gang activity in exchange for her mother’s pardon. Armed with her metal yo-yo, she battles the Pool Sisters who de facto control the school.

The late Wada published comics in Baiquan Club of magazine from arrive1982. This manga has inspired a 2021 video animation project and several popular live-action series in

and movies s. It also inspired a 1991 live action movie.

Source: June Issue

2006 197784



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