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Sarah Michelle Gellar Explains Why She's 'Grateful' NBC's 'Cruel Intentions' TV Series Didn't Happen

Sarah Michelle Gellar “Thanks” NBC TV reboot Cruel Intentions never got off the ground, sharing that she thinks streaming is a better fit than broadcast networks.

accepted at New York Times to promote her new movie, Netflix’s Do Revenge, Gellar talks about her toes getting back into acting, how her character in the movie became her cruel intentions of the adult version of the character Kathryn Merteuil and why she didn’t talk about her negative experiences in Hollywood as a youth.

Talking about her time on the NBC series, which got a pilot order in February 2022 Before being shelved in October of the same year , Gellar said the network and The concept is not appropriate.

“I don’t know. It was a crazy time,” the actress and Wolf Pack said the executive producer. “Nothing against NBC, but Cruel Intentions is direct streaming. Day one, I thought, ‘This is not going to work. “It’s not a network show. And if it’s a network show, it’s not my cruel . So, I really appreciate it.”

The series should end 09 in 1999 Years after the events of the movie, follow Katherine in her battle for control of the family business Valmont International and Bash Casey, her stepbrother the late Sebastian Valmont, Played by Ryan Phillippe.

In the interview, she also talked about her experience as a young actress in Hollywood. Gellar has been acting since , but as Joss Whedon Buffy the Vampire Slayer. After the show’s creators face allegations of abuse and unprofessional conduct, some of them Whedon deny , Gellar 1235184415 issued a statement in support of “all survivors of abuse” and said she was “proud of them to speak” .

Gellar, however, remained largely silent about her experience. Speaking to The Times , she said it was a positive choice and one she made because talking about them openly was not something she was A winning situation among victims – a culture of blame and humiliation.

“Growing up in New York, I had a bit of a street feel, which helped. But no, it wasn’t easy,” she said of herself as a young woman Said in the experience of the industry. “And I’ve had quite a few experiences where I just choose not to — I’m not going to win by telling my story emotionally for me. I look at the people who tell their stories, and I’m impressed. But in this people In a world torn apart, victimized and humiliated, I just leave my story here.”

Gellar did note, however, that These experiences influenced how she came to the Wolf Pack , the upcoming Paramount + Teen Wolf Get rid of .

“I have these two little girls and two little boys [acting]. I’ve made it very clear from day one that if the production wants to Talk to them about certain things and I want them to pass me. Because I’ve been there. I want [performers] to always have a safe space,” she said. “Also, I always try to come in with a smile and set the tone on the set. We are all equal. No matter what job someone does, they are treated the same.”




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