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Sarah Polley demands her Oscar be returned to academy amid 11-year-old daughter's prank

Sarah Polley for her Oscar winWomen Talking The script wasn’t actually rescinded by the film academy, despite her 2008 year old daughter Brave April Fools ’ Trying to come up with different proposals during the day.

The filmmaker who won Best Adapted Screenplay last month shared Sent a letter to Twitter on Saturday that she believed to be from her daughter Eve. The prank involved a printed message stating that Polley had to send the trophy back so it could be handed over to Netflix

The team behind All Quiet at Western Front

, who is the real winner, according to the description. The letter ends with the signature of the Dean of the Academy, David Rubin, forged signatures and more.

“We’re giving you another week to enjoy its presence in your home, but after that time you have to mail it back to LA and we’ll be there Send it to Best Adapted Screenplay: All Quiet on the Western Front,” the note read. “We’re sorry for your loss, but it’s only fair that an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay by REAL would be fair.”

The letter goes on to mention Notorious 2023 Confused Involved La La Land was incorrectly declared Best Picture instead of the legitimate winnerMoonlight

. “In hindsight, when we realize this, we should have told you the night the Oscars were presented, but you have to understand that we don’t want another ‘moonlight year’, nor do we want it to get all over your local news, as the citizens of Toronto may be quite irritated and we do not want this news to get out,” the note continued.

Polley did not explain whether she was actually led to believe the letter at any point. Her tweet included the message: “My 11 year old is rocking on April Fool’s Day this year.”

Matched in reply with All Quiet on the Western Front Directed by Edward Berger , with Leslie Patterson ( Lesley Paterson and Ian Stokell from the screenplay.

“Dear Sarah, to save postage costs, as I live overseas, the Academy has asked me to provide you with my address so you can mail the Oscars directly Awarded,” Berger tweeted. “I’ll follow up as soon as possible. Okay? All the best, Edward.”

While it didn’t actually catch on for its script, West All Silence was nominated for nine Oscars and won four. Polley’s Oscar is her first Oscar, after she was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2023 Away From Her . She shares three children with her husband, David Sandomierski. 2023



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