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'Saturday Night Live' cold open parodies Donald Trump's $99 NFT announcement: 'Looks like a scam, and in many ways it is'

Saturday Night Live December starts version by parodying a video of Donald Trump earlier this week announcing that he was selling NFTs, or what he called “Trump Digital Trading Cards.”

Video Announcement Earlier this week, Trump described NFTs, which sold for $90 ) reportedly sold out on the first day because it was “related to my life and career”. They paint Trump as an astronaut, a cowboy, a race car driver and a superhero.

SaturdaySNL starts, Trump Pu, played by James Austin Johnson, speaks first about the news and cites the actual video.

“This is Donald Trump, hope your favorite president of all time, better than Lincoln, better than Washington,” Johnson said as Trump said, Quoting the actual video directly and adding “Frankly, better than Ezra”, referring to alternative rock that had its heyday in the 90 years band.

“As you may have seen this week, I made an important announcement that I am collecting my first official collection of Donald J. Trump digital trading cards – or use The technical term, ‘nifties’ … because they’re pretty neat,” he said, mispronouncing NFT.

“Aces are each $90. Looks like a lot, looks like one Scams, and in so many ways,” he said, adding, “You can also get them for free by looking online.”

He continued: “You take me for a cowboy, or I melt Biden’s ice cream eyes with my big laser,” referring to the real Trump Trump’s video begins with laser beams shooting from his superhero eyes.

SNL continues to poke fun at the cards by showing Trump in various situations, from The Matrix From the iconic bullet dodging scene in to him doing the splits, to dressing up as Jessica who framed the rabbit Roger Rabbit. “Wow, look at her legs. If she wasn’t me, maybe I’d date her,” he said.

SNL Trump went on to introduce his “third least awkward child,” Donald Trump Jr. (Mikey Day), and he went on to hype the card along with his fiancée Kimberly Guilfoyle (courtesy of Cecily Strong played by) 1235284214 on her lastSNL In the episode ). She seemed to announce that the album was called d NOW That’s What No One Calls Music, , and then sang off-key lyrics from “Silent Night, Holy Night.”

Then they left the stage and Trump said: “They’re gone. What a bad couple.”

The clip ends with Trump sharing his own Christmas list. “Merry Christmas, okay? We all say ‘Merry Christmas’ again, right? I’m bringing that back. Because Christmas is very important to Christians, and I think it’s important to Jews as well,” he said.

Saturday night’s SNL features host Austin Butler and musical guest Lizzo.




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