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'Saturday Night Live' Cold Open takes on Republican candidates ahead of midterm elections

Saturday Night Live Heads into midterms in cold start, Heidi Gardner (Heidi Gardner) as PBS NewsHour host Judy Karin Woodruff.

During October, she was joined by Mikey Day’s Dr. Oz, Kenan Thompson’s Herschel Walker and Cecily Strong’s Kari Lake. 29episode. Gardner’s Woodruff started the segment by introducing three candidates who went from underdog to GOP star — though she wasn’t sure how.

“Well, even though none of you have any political experience, all three of you have won in the polls over the past few weeks,” she said. “Mr. Walker, you are now three points away from Senator Rafael Warnock. Why is your support growing?”

“That’s what I don’t know place,” Thompson’s Walker responded. “The whole world is a mystery. Isn’t it? For example, the thermos – it keeps hot things hot, but also cold things cool. My question is, how does it decide? In-depth study.”


When asked why Georgia has millions When people voted for him, his ex-wife said he once held a gun to her head, despite another woman coming forward to say he paid for her abortion.

“Gas,” he replied. “Gas prices are really high.”

Gardner also asked Lake about her consistent denial of Joe Biden winning 2020 election and how Dr Oz is leading in the polls.

A later sketch on the show teased Kanye “Ye” West for going to the Skechers to try to work with them, but they turned him down. “Thanks, but no, Kanye,” Young said, adding that West might find an ethically questionable company to work with before clipping the ad from My Pillow with James Austin Johnson’s Mike Lindell.

Tom Hanks appeared in several later sketches – one of which was an idea for an animated film about travel suitcases, proposed to be Woody’s version ; and Hanks’ previous role on SNL as the second in David S. Pumpkin’s Halloween Ride.




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