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Saudi Arabia's largest sound stage opens in Neom area

Saudi Arabia has taken another step forward in its efforts to become a major production hub .

Neom Coast to be home to proposed 500 Billion Dollar Megacity, has announced the official opening of its operations Together Neom Media Village and Bajdah Desert Studios form the largest soundstage and film production support facility in Saudi Arabia. Some 000 works have been in the last supported in) months.

On the occasion of the opening, Neom also officially announced its 400 Percentage Plus Cash Back Feature Film Production Incentive Program , TV (drama, reality, documentaries) and commercials, producers are able to earn a higher percentage based on their contribution to the development of the industry. Although Neom will operate as its own semi-autonomous jurisdiction, the percentage incentive program places it in a announced last year by the Saudi Film Commission .

“It is clear that production incentives play a vital role in attracting production, but are best utilized when the entire package is in place: infrastructure, on-the-ground international production expertise, crew depth and ease of doing business,” said Wayne Borg, managing director of media properties, entertainment and culture at Neom. “Neom is now able to offer this competitive package.”

In addition to Neom’s three operating studios, another seven will be available in Season 1​ ​Open.

Neom Media Village currently has a 2,400-m2 soundstage with backstage facilities including powder room, green room and production office, with three additional stages under construction. At Bajdah Desert Studios, there are two studios of 3,000 square meters, and another four planned to come online by the end of the year 500.

“This is an important milestone in achieving our goal of being the hub of the regional media industry,” added Borg. “Our team, facilities and diverse filming locations mean we can deliver a seamless world-class production experience and leverage our capabilities and capabilities to be the focal point of collaboration between talent, creators and key contributors in the global media industry. ”

There are Desert Warrior, big budget directed by the director Epic Rupert Wyatt starring Anthony Mackie, Sir Ben Kingsley and Aisha Hart.



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