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Sazae-san voice actor Shinsuke Kinishi passes away

Talent agency Mouvement announced on Sunday that the voice actress

Shinsuke Kinkai died of geriatric disease at his home in Tokyo on Wednesday. he is91.

Chikaishi is probably best known for Character Masuo Fuguta. He dubs the character from 200 to 005. His other major roles include Naka’s Puko, Naka’s Tetsuhiko Sugimoto, Naka’s Dream, Tom in the middle, and Yoshihiko Hasegawa in the middle. He also talked about works such as “And”. He played smaller roles in works such as He and others. He’s also in in a pilot movie as money-shaped Detective voice) OVA . Kishimoto at the 7th Seiyuu Awards Award of Merit. Awards of Merit are given to voice actors who have contributed over the years to many genres, especially foreign productions. Chikaishi provides Japanese voices for actors Jacky Cooper, Jerry Lewis, James Cagne and Roddy McDowall . He is also the voice actor for Cornelius in the Planet of the Apes movie. Offshore Stone is also active in radio and television programs.

Image via Mouvement

Source: Movement, Kyodo via Hachimachi




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