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Scarlett Johansson on 'Asteroid City' and her dream co-star she never had: 'I'd love to work with Tom Cruise'

From her long tenure in the Marvel Universe to her new role in Asteroid City, Scarlett Johansson is no stranger to star-studded ensemble casts. But in her long list of top-notch collaborations, there’s one actor she still hopes to work with: Tom Cruise.

“I would love to work with Tom Cruise,” Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter at the New York premiere Asteroid City Tuesday. For now, though, she’s counting Jason Schwartzman , Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Bryan Cranston , Steve Carrell, Maya Hawke, Jeffrey Wright, Jeff Goldblum and Adrien Brody as her co-stars Wes Anderson movie about world-changing events that disrupted Teen Stargazers/Space Cadet Conference in the Desert.

“His set It’s awesome and unique because Wes never worries about time,” Johansson explains of working with Anderson. “He’s never worried about having to do the next shoot or how many shoots a day or what we’ve done or haven’t done. He’s really so present in the moment that you’re doing scene work and I think that just allows for that kind of creation Freedom, because you can literally sit in a scene, and you always have time to discover new approaches.”

Shih, who worked on several Anderson films Wattsman said of the pair’s relationship: “I was lucky enough to meet someone who really resonated with me when I was young, and we somehow managed to have a really honest friendship and working relationship that was really based on sharing. “

“This is me The reason to love working with him is that you get to know him through the work and nobody likes him,” the actor continued. “He’s always pushing it to new places. I envy him, and I’m excited to be a part of it.” Schwarzman also highlighted the camaraderie among the star-studded cast, noting how everyone is doing even when they’re not working. And there were situations that came up and supported each other, as Cranston recalls, “Every night, the whole cast and director of photography and the costume designers and make-up and hair and costume guys got together and worked together. Dinner, wine sharing, storytelling, and getting to know each other’s families.”

“This experience was different than what I had in 43 any filming experience during the year,” he confirmed. Stars Brody and Goldblum chimed in on the carpet to sing Anderson’s praise, with Brody explaining: “Wes is a very collaborative guy, he has a unique trait and it was an interesting challenge —his use of language and timing and these long takes without cuts.”


Added Goldblum, who revealed that speaking of his stilt-walking assignment in the film, “He reminded me of a guy who thought the experience of filming was an art project, A major opportunity in itself. Every moment is a great opportunity to shine. He is a fun, delightful storyteller who loves actors and has attracted the best of the best in the cast and beyond .”

Crane Ston also weighed in on Anderson’s comment that the film needs to be seen twice, joking, “It’s kind of like a meal, prepared with so many different spices and flavors, you have to slow down.

“You’re slowing down, you’re dissecting it, making you really zero in on what you’re tasting—it’s the same with a Wes Anderson movie,” he continues. “When you first The first time I saw it, ‘Oh my gosh, the colours, the movements, the language, whoa, whoa, whoa. ’ The second you see it, I guarantee you will see a lot that you didn’t see the first time. ”

Asteroid City opens in select theaters Friday.




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