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Scarlett Johansson says she's done with Marvel movies, Gwyneth Paltrow doesn't rule out return

The days of Scarlett Johansson starring in Marvel movies are over.

Interview with Gwyneth Paltrow on Middle) The Goop Podcast, two actresses look back on their The Age has starred in Marvel movies and shared whether they will return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future.

Paltrow as Iron Man in 2008 As Pepper Potts, continues in the Iron Man sequel and The Avengersmovies, and Johansson’s debut was Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and later starring in Avengers movie and Black Widow of 2021 .

“Doing Avengers was so much fun. I was like 22 years old. I’m single and it’s fun,” Johnson recalls of his first starring role, describing it all as “summer camp for adults.” Paltrow echoed the sentiment, stating that “it’s fun to be part of something that resonates so deeply with people culturally.”

However, when Paltrow asked Johnson if he had a relationship with Marvel While parting ways, the actress confirmed that the “chapter” is over.

“I’m done,” Johnson said. “Chapter close. I kind of did everything I had to do. Plus, coming back to play a character like this over and over again, over the last decade, is a pretty unique experience.”

When Paltrow called Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige “awesome,” Johnson agreed. “He’s a lover of movies and storytelling. He’s really a fan,” she said.

When Johnson asked Paltrow if she’d finished a Marvel movie, Paltrow said she couldn’t rule out a return because Her character never died.” I think so. I mean, I’m not dead, so they can ask me anytime,” Paltrow said.

“I think you might come back at some point,” Johnson told Pat Lo,” Paltrow quipped, “Really? A 26 year old Pepper Potts? How great. “

“One hundred percent, this is happening. I can see it. They will never let you go. Break the wig, baby,” Johnson added.

Johnson’s Black Widow died of 06011’s Avengers: Endgame , but returns as a standalone prequel movie Black Widow .

Black Widow was delayed due to the pandemic, but when the movie was released simultaneously In theaters and on Disney+, the actress filed a lawsuit alleging that the film was guaranteed exclusive release when she signed the deal, claiming that when the Her contract was breached when the movie was released on the streaming service. The complaint also states that Disney made no attempt to redo her deal. At the time, Disney countered that Johnson paid $20 million dollars.

Johnson and Disney finally Settled breach of contract lawsuit over her compensation.

“I am pleased to resolve our differences with Disney,” Johnson said in a statement at the time “I am incredibly proud of the work we have accomplished together over the years and have thoroughly enjoyed my creative relationship with the team. I look forward to continuing our collaboration for years to come. “



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