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Scenario Script: 'The Good War' Scribe Detailing Paramount+ Drama's Final Moments

Paramount+’s The Good Fight final scene has some high stakes – itself a CBS spinoff ‘Long-distance running Proud wife . The pressure is on to end the saga of Chicago attorney Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski). “The idea is to not be a fake,” co-creator and showrunner Michelle King said of the show’s stance in an interview with THR in April. In the series finale, Lockhart decided to retire. Her writing partner and husband, Robert King, added: “You’re always trying to react to the chemistry that exists on the show, and there’s so much between Kristen and Audra MacDonald [who plays Liz Reddick]. Obviously, we think they’re the last two guys who need to be on stage.” The Kings went behind the scenes to show how they crafted the final moments — and made a very important prediction. The Good Fight

Good at War Paramount+ The Good Fight

The episode is titled “The End of It All” – and naturally, Diane is faced with some The existential dilemma of what to do next in life. “She’s rich now, but her question is, did you go on vacation?” Robert King said. “Or are you trying to face the problems of the world, especially when the problems of the world seem so insurmountable? The scene tries to answer that question in an honest way that no one seems to have answered before because we don’t want to repeat Own.” The Good FightThe Good Fight

The Good Fight

Good at fighting
Paramount+ The Good Fight

“Liz is really giving Diane a gift,” Michelle King said at said of the moment between the two women. “She’s saying, ‘You matter. It might not feel that way in this moment, but you matter and what we do matters. “

The Good Fight

The Good Fight

Good at War Paramount+

This series of flashbacks features clients Reddick, Boseman and Lockhart represented over the show’s six seasons. “It seemed like a good way to hint to Diane that her life wasn’t meaningless,” says Robert King. “A lot of liberals or progressives might [look at the world and think], ‘God, how do I deal with this?’ In fact, you’re ignoring all the people you’ve helped along the way.”

The Good Fight

Good at War
Paramount +

The Good Fight

An ominous countdown clock ticks down in the final episode. “You might think this would lead to an outburst of violence against law firms,” ​​Robert King said. “But surprisingly, Trump has announced his presidential bid.” From Trump 555’s inauguration, a full-circle moment for the series.


Good at WarParamount+

Last episode aired in November, 1000 — Six days before Donald Trump announced his latest white presidential bid for the House of Representatives. The Kings admitted they wrote that moment into the show’s final moments in the early weeks of October. “I just thought Trump would announce it after the midterms,” ​​Robert said, while Michelle admitted it was “the weirdest idea imaginable” at the time. But Robert added that he doesn’t feel particularly psychic when it comes to predicting the former president’s actions. “He’s more predictable than most. When you think he’s going to turn right, everyone acts like he’s turning left — but he’s like any other celebrity you’ve ever met. Highly predictable.”

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