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'School of Good and Evil' trailer teases best friends as hero and villain in Paul Feig-directed fantasy film

Netflix YA adaptation new trailer School of Good and Evil sees best friends training in a Become a future fairytale hero and villain in a magical world.

But their expected fortunes are reversed when Sophie (Sophie Ann Caruso) is mistakenly sent to the school of evil, and Agatha (Sophia Willie) mistakenly entered Eternal School. ‘None of us can survive if Sophie becomes evil,’ Laurence Fishburne’s characters when the balance of good and evil in their world is upset Said.

Meanwhile, Agatha pleads with the demon Sophie, who no longer has princess ambitions. “I am your best friend. Evil is controlling you!”

on Netflix directed by Paul Feige In fantasy movies, Sophie and Agatha are on opposite sides. Kerry Washington , Charlize Theron, Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Frates, Kit Young, Peter Serafinowitz, Rob Delaney, Mark Shipp, Patty Lupon and Rachel Bloom.

The School of Good and Evil, will be released globally on Netflix in October , based on Soman Chainani’s bestselling novel of the same name .

The film – shot primarily in Northern Ireland – was produced by Joe Ross and Geoffrey Kirshenbaum for their Ross/Kersenbaum banners (both behind the fantasy feature, For example Alice in Wonderland , Snow White and the Huntsman and Sleeper Spell ), alongside Jane Startz, Feig and Laura Fischer.

Stephen Jones, Zack Roth, Chris Castaldi, Chainani and Patrician Riggen share executive producer credit.




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