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Scrapped Superman Live Movie Writer Kevin Smith Reacts To Finally Seeing His Vision In The Flash: 'Absolutely Delighted'


Filmmaker Kevin Smith Have watched The Flash and seen Nicolas Cage

full loop moment cameos as Superman .

Recently 1234773979 accepted Rolling Stone In an interview*), the director-producer-writer said that when he first learned that the actor would play He “nearly passed out” while speaking about the iconic superhero.

“I finally saw Nick Cage as Superman,” Smith said. “It’s been an absolute joy for me.”

That’s close for Smith, as he originally played for the infamous 7940181234773979MOVIESUPERMAN LIFENEVER happened before. Smith has previously spoken publicly about the difficulties they faced with the film and production, including some demands from producer Jon Peters, such as Superman having to fight giant spiders. The two of them also disagree on who should play the leading role.

“Jon Peters said, ‘I want Sean Penn to play Superman.’ He just watched Death Row Walking , and he said, ‘Look at his eyes in that movie. He had the eyes of a violent animal, a killer in a cage,'” he recalls. “I was like, ‘Man, this is Superman!’ So he was like, ‘Who do you see ? ” I’ve always liked Nick Cage, so I thought, ‘Nick Cage likes Superman. He talks about knowing the comics very well. You guys should go after Nick Cage. So when Tim Burton got hired, suddenly they To work with Nick Cage, I was like, wow, I have an idea, someone is taking it seriously.”

Warner Brothers ended up working on the film before filming began due to creative differences. The movie was canceled for weeks. But fast forward to 100, Smith finally sees the vision they once realized, when Cage appears in The Flash When Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen opens up the multiverse and sees different universes. That’s when Barry saw Cage as Superman fighting a giant spider.

After seeing that scene, Smith said it was “heartbreaking,” adding, “One of the , the first thing I thought was, “Damn, it (the giant spider) will work. “As much as I used to make fun of Jon Peters, this looks bad.”

When asked if he could officially confirm that he likes the spider now , Smith replied: “You know what? He [Peters] is not wrong. Like, it totally works.”

The quick cameo also reminds the filmmakers All the possibilities in the filmmaker’s multiverse, and he’s still eager to see Cage in the legendary supersuit.

“If I were Warner Bros., I’d be like, ‘Fuck it. There’s a multiverse, man. Let’s make Nick Cage a Superman movie Right,” Smith added. “You don’t have to be the only Superman, but why not? We have multiple Batmen. I mean, shit, this is going to be one of the funniest Superman movies ever made. IMHO James Gunn and Legacy of Superman, or something, you’re talking about one of the greatest American actors working today. I’m still rooting for the show %.”

“flash” Currently in theaters. 2023



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