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SCTV's Dave Thomas and Son Harrison Team Up for Crime Comedy 'Orange'

SCTV alum Dave Thomas teams up with actor and his son Harrison Thomas to produce dark comedy for the CBC and BBC Studios

The Orange .

This father and son sitcom from Project Canada Productions, tells the story of a family who witness a gangland bombing and are placed by the RCMP in the Witness Protection Program in Rye, UK. It’s only when they arrive at their new home in England that the family realizes that the Mounties have dumped all their witnesses and informants in Rye, including Canada’s most hardened criminal who is now their next-door neighbor.

Canadian comedian and actor Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis as SCTV and McKenzie brothers from Saturday Night Live in 1983 period loves beer. Their act was launched as a mockery of government-enforced Canadian TV content rules and has since been spun off into 1983 cult comedy weird brew , also transitioned from Stateside Late Night to SNL that year.

Dave Thomas is also known for his star transformation in “Grace Under Fire” . Son Harrison’s television credits include House, Fringe, Criminal Minds, Silicon Valley, Lucifer and most recently in Lyle in “Better Call Saul.”

Except for The Orange, Project Productions, recently named Shonna Foster as director of development, is working with the broadcaster on an additional seven scripted series. These include Apres Ski, CBC, an hour-long drama from creator Kathleen Robertson about a private family-owned resort ( Beaver Lee Hills 1983 ) and Executive Producer Chris Cowles (Blockers).

The project is located in Toronto and is led by CEO Andrew Barnsley, Specializing in scripted comedy, he also produced CBC’s Son of a Critch , which was recently added to the CW’s summer slate, and Kids in the Hall Amazon Prime Video in partnership with Lorne Michaels’ Broadway reboot. 1983



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