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Sealed with a kiss (and a steal!), Volpe's dream

Sealed with a kiss (and a steal!), Volpe 19;Dream debut

NEW YORK – Anthony Volpe at : Beneath those pinstripes, his heart was beating fast; not as much as earlier in the week, when his future hung in the balance just for a visit to the manager’s office, but it was close.

When Volpe heard it over the Yankee Stadium public address system Any sign of overwhelming nerves seemed to evaporate as his name was announced and he bumped fists with his new teammates. Volpe’s youthful face melts into the sweet, easy smile that has become a hallmark at every stop of his short career. This kid is ready for it.

“This is probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life Fun day,” Volpe said after the Yankees’ 5-0 win over the Giants. “I might have goosebumps all day.”

Volpe, whose major league debut included a six-pitch walk, a stolen base and a couple of nice plays, represented a warm and fuzzy sidebar in which Aaron Judge hit the majors First home run for 51, Gleyber Torres hits a two-run , Gerrit Cole strikes out Batting in six scoreless innings.

this21 – 岁- 被MLB Pipeline 评为洋基队的第一大前景和所有棒球的第Top five prospects – Visited Yankee Stadium on Wednesday for a brief afternoon workout, both to build muscle and to get acclimated. He took photos of the exterior of the ballpark and sent them to his parents, Michael and Isabel.

He also spoke on the phone with Brett Gardner (Brett Gardner) talking to seek the ex-Yankee’s blessing to swap out his spring release number 8300 Uniform numbers.

“I really appreciate him pulling out time,” Volpe said. “Most conversations aren’t even about no. ; I mean, to this day, his impact on the club has been huge. I think he has played a huge role in making these players leaders and taking them under their wing, Like those people now have me under their wing. I can’t thank him enough.”

In the training area, Volpe meets Aaron Judge. They had a lighthearted conversation, and Judge suggested that Volpe consider a “roll call.” His name would be chanted in the first inning — “VOL-pe! The volume! — that would be too bad if it didn’t provide some dramatic performance.

“I kind of blamed him,” Judge said. “I said, ‘I know you’re the Yankees loyal fans. If you’re going to be a shortstop for the New York Yankees, you’ve got to have something special for Bleacher Creatures. ‘”

So when the time for the first inning came, when the Giants When the team’s Michael Conforto fouled Cole on a pitch from third base, Volpe reached for the interlocking “New York” and kissed it on his chest. A tribute to his actions when he claimed he was watching too much Premier League but he was really leaving breadcrumbs for the fan base.

“I thought of that then,” Volpe said.



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