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Sean Woodson wants to be called 'a fan-friendly fighter' as he wants to beat Luis Saldana at UFC 278: 'I feel very strong and confident that I'll get the knockout'

Sean Woodson
Image source: UFC

Sean Woodson is set to head to the Octagon again and will do so in front of fans at UFC 278.

Woodson has not played since his first-round TKO victory over Colin Anglin last November. While it was done quickly, Woodson broke his hand again, which took him out of the Octagon again. “In my last inning, I was out pretty quickly, but unfortunately I broke my hand again, It’s the same card I broke against Youssef Zalal,” Woodson told “I broke my hand against Youssef in June and they gave me six months off but I fought five months later because I was eager to get back there so that’s probably when I’m recovering quickly The reason for the break again. This time, I listened to the doctor and took time off to make sure it healed normally.”

Once Wood Sen was healthy and he was invited to face Luis Saldana at UFC 278 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Even though Saldana is only 2-1 in the UFC, Woodson knows it’s a very interesting fight on paper, which is why he thinks it’s happening.

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“It was an exciting game, he A really well-rounded guy, but like me on offense. He comes to fight every time,” Woodson said. “The matchmakers know what they’re doing with this, we all love to stand and strike, and they know it’s what the fans want to see, so I think it should be fun for the fans.”

Sean Woodson is looking forward to a compelling fight, confident he can effectively use his touch to his advantage.

Once he starts chasing Saldana, Woodson wants Saldana to force a shot, which will cause him to catch up to him and Get a KO victory.

“Anything can happen, it’s hard to know exactly how it will play out, but I think it’s an end. I don’t know Which round is it going to be, but I’m going to be looking for it and I feel very strong and confident that I’m going to get the knockout,” Woodson said. “I know fans and the UFC want to see an ending, so I plan to make the most of it every time I’m on the floor, be a fan-friendly fighter and get knockouts.”

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If Woodson gets his stoppage-time victory as he wishes, he said he is aiming to return later this year and hope to play against a famous opponent.

“I’m going to go 4-1 in a row in the UFC and that should make me the next better known guy But, the important thing is that this year I want to play again and I’ve told my manager that’s my plan because I want to make up for lost time,” Woodson concluded. Do you think Sean Woodson will beat Louis Saldana at UFC 278?

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