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Searching for an Aperol Spritz Alternative? Behold: Sant Ambroeus’s Spritz Bianco

August is here, which means it’s high time for a spritz, the prosecco-based cocktail that has become the unofficial libation of the summer. (Don’t take just our word for it—according to Drinks International, Aperol spritz was the sixth-best-selling cocktail worldwide in 2022.) 

The spritz has a rich history, it turns out. “The spritz name derived from the German word Spritzen (meaning spray/splash) and its popularity started around the 19th century in Veneto, the northern region of Italy with Austrian influence and heritage,” Damiano Coren, mixology consultant for Sant Ambroeus, tells Vogue. “During the summer days, the population was used to flavoring wine with cordials and a bit of soda. Eventually, this evolved into the world-acclaimed Aperol spritz (thanks to massive support from the Campari Group).”

The high-end Italian restaurant will be serving spritzes all summer long, from their locations in Southampton to Aspen. Yet, while Aperol is certainly on the menu, guests can’t get enough of their Spritz Bianco, which is made with bergamot and herbal liqueurs.  “Like the other spritzes, we maintain the same build—but after the prosecco, we add a bergamot liqueur (Italicus) for citrus notes and a splash of Strega Alberti, an herbal liqueur made in the south of Italy,” says Coren. “The rich botanical notes help give a longer finish and complexity to the drink.”

 Below, find Coren’s recipe for a Spritz Bianco.

Sant Ambreous Spritz Bianco


  • 3oz Prosecco
  • 1.5oz Italicus 
  • 0.25oz Strega
  • 0.10oz Lemon Juice 
  • Cucumber slices 
  • Mint
  • Ice


  1. Starting from prosecco, pour all ingredients over ice. 
  2. Stir gently.
  3. Garnish with cucumbers and mint.


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