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Season 3 of 'Emily in Paris' is officially underway

God bless us, Emily Cooper is back . After 1 month confirmation 10 at least two

The installment of Emily in Paris

, Netflix has started filming its third season, with Lily Collins on the streets of Paris, with co-star Lou Shot with Cas Bravo.

So what’s up so far about the next installment in the Emmy-nominated series? First, nearly all of the cast returned, including Bravo as Gabriel, Camille Lazat as Camille, Ashley Parker as Mindy, and Filipina Leroy as Sylvie Beaulieu. Lucien Lavisbert, who appeared as Alfie in the most recent season, has also been upgraded to a regular, meaning Emily’s messy romantic life is about to get even more complicated.

In terms of plot, given that the filming location is in the City of Lights, it is very likely that Emily will decide to stay in Paris again. Those who made it through last season will remember that it ended in suspense, with Emily having to choose between taking a senior role in Chicago at Savoir or leaving the company and working for Sylvie’s own boutique firm. This means Emily will have to deal with the fact that Gabriel and Camille are now together again – and live in the apartment directly below her – except for having a boss who totally defies her.

While there are no trailers yet, clues have been posted in Paris with regular updates. (Big news for Collins? Emily’s apartment now has its own entry on Google Maps.) Stay tuned for more paparazzi shoots outside Paris, as showrunner Darren Star hints the production will once again be evacuated to the French countryside (Possibly even to London or Berlin).

As for the release date? With filming ending this fall, Emily in Paris could be back on screen as early as this winter – with premiere seems most likely. Well, Emily has plenty of time to throw that Breton hat into the Seine.



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