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'Secret Invasion' star Kingsley Ben-Adir on his complex villain, battle with Nick Fury, and inspiration for 'Zero Zero Zero'

[The following stories contain Secret Invasion Through the series premiere, “Resurrection.”]

Secret Invasion Stars Kingsley Ben-Adil has been featured in the Netflix series Pinnacle Gangsters and other drama fans are well-known among fans. and OA, but he played Malcolm in Regina King’s “Miami Nights” X(Malcolm X) (2021) was when British actors really broke out across the industry. Two weeks after “ Miami ” hit theaters, Ben Adil got a call from Marvel Studios directing him to play the Skrulls in a six-episode miniseries Badass Gravik, Secret Invasion , starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Marvel execs hooked Ben Adil with two scripted scenes, one of which has Gravik throwing Jackson’s Nick Fury into a room . (There’s something in the

trailer .) So, an immediate opportunity to work one-on-one with Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn to sell Ben – Adil.

“That [Nick Fury fight scene] was one of those scenes I read before I took the job. So when I read it, I Feeling all those feelings, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is going to be a week or two with Sam on the field.’ So that scene and the other scene with Ben [Mendelssohn] made me say, ‘Wow, I really This has to be done,'” Ben-Adir told The Hollywood Reporter .

at Captain Marvel( Fury and Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) promised their Skrull allies that they would find a new planet to call home if they helped take care of Earth in the meantime. Well, nearly three decades later, Fury and Danvers failed to deliver on their promise, and Gravik felt it was personal, which is why he’s now hell-bent on taking Earth. Ben-Adir also said it was not just revenge.

“He’s had enough of people who are full of babble and it’s really become an easy thing to clear my head,” Ben Adil explain. “The viewer feels like there’s a tension or something unsaid, and there’s some way you don’t know how he’s feeling.”

Below, in a recent In conversation with THR, Ben-Adir also discusses the inspiration for the Amazon crime series ZeroZeroZero about He created Gravik.

Well, Kingsley, I’m concerned about your character’s sugar intake.

( laughing at .)

Does this mean that the products of the earth are not enough for his taste?

I think it’s the only thing he likes. Maybe it’s a treat for him. His last little joy. There was only a cup of tea and sugar on the table that day, something we had reserved.

I counted four or five sugar cubes in one cup.

As we progress, more sugar cubes appear.

Is this after one night of The Miami?

That was a few weeks later, yes.

Have you experienced a lot of macaroni? Or is this a direct offer?

Direct quote, yes.

Kingsley Ben-Adir Secret Invasion Gareth Gartrell


So Gravik is the villain in this production. What would you say about the events and relationships that led him to this place?

Huge trauma, huge distrust of leadership, feelings of being let down by different authority figures and leaders over and over again, Seeing the war – it’s the accumulation of all of this. Later, we see him explain why he feels the way he does, but it’s abuse of power, distrust of leadership, broken promises, and the feeling that enough is enough. He’s had enough of people talking gibberish, and it really cleared my mind. I was like, “I understand this feeling makes these people behave like this.” The idea was to create something grounded and real and dark, and it felt right to think about him in those terms. “Who are these people? What kind of behavior is this?”

So the more I learn about cults that can manipulate entire communities of people to justify these horrific acts The leader, the more I feel as the villain in this article is fitting to explore the antisocial personality disorder side of things. The justice of what he does is total shit and that’s how he exploits and manipulates people. He’s constantly testing everyone and it’s getting really fun. It becomes something you can get into, and then I think all the scenes start to be more interesting than what he said.

What he said and what he did are two different things. He said it was for his people, but it was more important to him that Nick Fury was going through this when it happened. So we’re going to see more of that later in other characters, and you’re like, “This guy is doing and saying something very different, so there must be something else going on behind the scenes.” Otherwise, it’s tedious. We’ve seen it, but not felt it. So the audience feels like there’s a tension or something that’s not being said, and there’s something you don’t know about his feelings.

In the trailer, there are a dozen shots of Graviks meeting Talos (Ben Mendelsohn). Is it you and a bunch of doubles? Or are they shooting at you everywhere and synthesizing it?

Yes, they shot me at [every location]. Well, all the people stand up in their places, like the waiters and everyone else in the room, and then we’ll shoot where the real people stand up. Then I went to all these different positions and did the exact same thing as them. Then they’d start morphing it all together using a whole bunch of CGI tricks. They do this with a special camera. This is a big deal.

The trailer also shows Gravik beating Nick Fury in the room. Was working with Sam on this level another moment that made you stop and think about how far you’ve come?

Yep, that was the “taster” scene they sent earlier. I kept saying taste the scenes, but they just sent me a few scenes to give me an idea of ​​what they were building and where they wanted the character’s journey to go. This is one of those scenarios I read about before taking the job. So when I read it, I felt all these feelings, and I thought, “Oh my God, this is going to be a week or two with Sam on the field.” So that scene and the other scene with Ben made me say, “Wow, I really have to do this.”

Have you impersonated anyone? Villains from the past? Have you ever stolen bits and pieces from anyone?

Yes, I was watching ZeroZeroZero at the time, purely coincide. It’s a show I watched before I got the offer, and then I watched it a few times, just because I loved it so much. I also wanted to watch it again because of the subtitles; I knew I missed something. Harold Torres gives a stunning performance as Manuel, the leader of a Mexican group. It’s low-key, and there’s some really dark and sinister stuff going on down there. His behavior and what he did was so distressing. The level of violence he was able to witness and inflict, I was like, “If Gravik was like that, he’d be funny.” There was a certain tension and mystery to his actions. He exploits and manipulates those around him. So it’s really that show (which I pulled from), but with a lot of villains, you see it and say, “Don’t do this.”

Kingsley Ben-Adir at OA


Finally, I still Pain at OA cancellation. Where does this job fit you in your grand scheme of work?

Oh my god, that’s huge. When it came, it was a huge offer, and it took a while to figure out if the visa would come in time. I remember thinking, “Oh my god, if this visa doesn’t get through, it’s going to be devastating.” Someone who was supposed to have played this role before me didn’t, so how it landed on my desk It’s crazy. But it’s huge, and it’s my first or second major job in the US. I’m co-hosting a show, which I’ve never done before. So it means a lot to me personally.

13667 Secret Invasion is playing in theaters. This interview has been edited for length and clarity .



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