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'Secret Invasion' Using AI Opens 'No Artist's Job,' Says Studio That Made It (Exclusive)

Method Studios clarified reports that sparked social media backlash, saying AI tools “complement and assist our creative teams.”

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in “Secret Invasion.” Des Willie

Wednesday mornings, Disney+ subscribers Watched the first episode of Marvel Studios Secret Invasion, which includes the opening shot that highlights the series behind Mystery: Shapeshifting aliens have infiltrated Earth. Shortly after the episode aired, a report surfaced that the opening was made using artificial intelligence

, which sparked an outcry on social media from users who speculated it caused the artist to lose his job.

Now, Method Studios, behind the opening scenes, wants to clarify a report made by its design department on how AI is being used in animation exposure: “AI is just one of a bunch of tools our artists use. A tool. The addition of these new tools does not replace the work of artists; rather, they complement and assist our creative teams.” Method to in a statement published by The Hollywood Reporter.

method in its pair of THR

is explained in the statement which uses existing and custom artificial intelligence tools to create the character attributes and actions in the opening scene, but The entire production of the opening scene involved the art department, animators, compositors, and other artists.

Wednesday,Polygon Posted From the director and executive producer of “Secret Invasion” According to Ali Selim, the show’s title sequence was created using artificial intelligence. Saleem says he doesn’t “really understand” how it works, but points out: “We’d talk to them about ideas, themes, and words, and the computer would fire up and do something. Change it and it will change.”

The potential of artificial intelligence in Hollywood has been a high-profile (and controversial) topic, so it’s quick to say it in Secret Invasion , which featured Samuel L. Jackson reprising his Nick Fury role.

Here is the full statement from Method, which recently contributed to Top Gun: Maverick was nominated for an Oscar in January for its visual effects.

WORKING ON SECRET Invasion , this fascinating show explores the process of alien infiltration into human society, providing an in-depth study of the interesting field of artificial intelligence, especially creating unique Character attributes and actions provide excellent opportunities. Using a custom AI tool for that specific element fits perfectly with the overall theme and desired aesthetic of the project.

The production process is highly Collaborative and iterative, with a focus on specific applications of AI toolsets. It involved a huge effort by talented art directors, animators (well versed in 2D and 3D), artists and developers who employed traditional techniques to produce all other aspects of the project. However, it must be emphasized that while the AI ​​component provides the best results, AI is only one tool in a range of tools used by our artists. The addition of these new tools doesn’t replace the work of artists; rather, they complement and assist our creative teams.

Method Studios’ team of designers cleverly harnessed the power of existing and custom artificial intelligence technology to apply otherworldly and alien looks. Guided by an expert art director, the entire process spans the initial storyboard stage, illustration, AI generation, 2D/3D animation, and culminates in the final compositing stage.

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