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Seeing Red! Inside Dior’s Intimate Dinner Celebrating Rouge Dior

Despite several days of relentless downpours in Los Angeles, not even record-breaking rainfall could dissuade partygoers from braving the city’s waterlogged streets for an exclusive evening with Dior to celebrate the relaunch of Rouge Dior. The event took place at the historic La Dolce Vita restaurant in Beverly Hills. Known for its classic red sauce dishes, the restaurant originally opened in 1966 and counted Frank Sinatra and George Raft among its investors. It reopened its doors last spring, upgrading the menu while preserving the charm of its heyday.

Cocktail hour provided a delightful escape from the dreary weather as guests gathered in the cozy, dimly lit room with its classic red booths. Scarlet roses and Persian buttercups adorned the tables and bars, their rich hues paying homage to the lipsticks. Guests ordered Negronis, Milano Gimlets, or Champagne to sip on and caught up with friends, exchanging warm hugs and even sharing astrological birth charts on phone screens.

In attendance were Rachel Zegler, Simona Tabasco, Anya Taylor-Joy, Alexandra Daddario, Brie Larson, Awkwafina, and more. As the evening evolved into the dinner portion of the event, Anya Taylor-Joy shared her deep admiration for Peter Philips, Dior’s creative and image director. She warmly linked arms with him and actress Rachel Zegler, guiding them to their table. Taylor-Joy’s ethereal beauty was accentuated by her long blonde hair, which fell in soft waves down her back, and her striking taupe lips, highlighted by Rouge Dior’s shade 300 in velvet finish. With genuine enthusiasm, she exclaimed, “I will take any opportunity to celebrate this man. I love him so much.”

Rachel Zegler echoed the sentiment, emphasizing Peter Philips’ dedication to his craft. She noted, “When you compliment his lipstick, you’re complimenting two to three years of work that he’s done in a lab. I think that is so unbelievably impressive. I find him to be the most wonderful human being and he’s funny as all get out.” Rachel wore the bold red shade 999 in a velvet finish, a hue not dissimilar from the florals adorning the room.

Once seated in booths under the original gold-plated placards to honor the starry clientele that sat at that table most frequently, like Sinatra, the Reagans, or Don Rickles, guests were served plates of Market Lettuces, and Buccatini al Limone on beautiful red Dior plates. Phillips then stood to make a toast, “Enjoy your food, and enjoy the lipstick!”

At one point, Taylor-Joy mentioned to Phillips that she was wearing shade 300 in velvet finish. Surprised, Phillips responded, “Oh wow! It’s really funny because you’re the third person I’ve seen tonight wearing 300, and it looks different on everyone… it’s really good, yeah.” Indeed, as intended, the different shades of the nude collection appeared distinct and equally stunning on various skin tones.

As the evening wound down, guests savored the final bites of their Chocolate Tarts and Lemon Ice, before receiving Dior shopping bags filled with the lipstick collection as parting gifts. “I’m very excited about the positive feedback on the launch,” Phillips said. “I know it’s a beautiful formula, I love the shades, but I don’t wear them, so I feel like it’s very important for me.”



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