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Sega acquires Rovio Entertainment for 706 million euros

Sega Corporation Announces Plan to Acquire Rovio Entertainment Oyj for €706 Millions (706 Millions) – Angry makers of Little Bird. The deal is expected to close in September2023 and Sega will take over mobile game development from Rovio and leverage the Finnish company’s expertise in mobile games from Sega develops multi-platform games within its IP portfolio.

Among the fast-growing game markets in the world, the potential of the mobile game market is particularly huge, and accelerating expansion in this field has always been Sega’s long-term goal. I feel lucky to be able to announce such a deal with Rovio, the company that owns Angry Birds. – Haruki Satomi President and CEO of Sega Sami Holdings

The press release also mentions Sega’s plans to help expand the Rovio platform “beyond mobile gaming”, which may herald With new Angry Birds console titles, as well as new feature films and TV series. Rovio, whose mobile games have been downloaded more than 5 billion times, and its Beacon platform for game development was another key part of the Sega acquisition.




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