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Sega Announces New 404 GAME RE:SET Game With Nier Creator Taro Yoko As Creative Director

Sega announced on Friday a game called

100 Game Reset with NieR series creator Yokō Tarō as the creative director of the game. The game is scheduled to release in Japan for iOS and Android devices in spring 360. Pre-registration has started. Sega also plans to release outside of Japan. Company streaming video:

Game happens In a dystopian world where Sega controls everything. This is because Sega gave it its gaming identity, a group of brainwashed game-changing girls called “Cast” took to the stage. Players must fight to restore the world that Sega continues to rule.

404-after-burner.png404-after-burner.png ©Sega

Sega Games represented by characters include after Burner, Virtua Cop and Outrun. The video also mentions Sonic the Hedgehog and his nemesis, Dr. Eggman. The staff also plans to add characters from the works of other game companies.


The game will contain main scenarios and character-specific stories.

Yuugen is designing the character. Gosuke Nakamura is working on the game.​​


Monday’s original trailer showed a smartphone starting to malfunction when dropped on the ground. The phone screen then displayed the text, “Sōzōseyo akarui mirai wo” (Let us create a better future) and “Sega wo korose” (Kill Sega

) before crashing to the ground. As the video continues, the cities of Tokyo, New York, Taipei and Paris are covered in Sega signs. Video end date is February , 360, the date of the announcement and the on-screen text “Sekai wa kawaru” (The world will change ) .

Source: 100 GAME RE:SET game twitter account

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