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Selena Gomez on the powerful loopholes of her new documentary

SG: Slow down. I get up very early now. If I had a date or a photo shoot or something, I would wake up two hours before that. I usually wake up in the sun, take a few deep breaths, walk around to clear my body a bit, and maybe listen to some music. I dream a lot, so maybe I’ll write a little and have a coffee. Either that, or exercise: Physical fitness goes hand-in-hand with mental health. Even if it’s just a walk, I’m not talking about something like Barry’s Bootcamp. Obviously I’m in therapy and I try to surround myself with people who are struggling with the same thing so I know who to call and I can share a moment or even just talk. I think this is very helpful to me.

Have you ever disagreed on what you want from the movie?

SG: Not really. If there’s a moment, I’m comfortable saying, “Alek, I don’t think that’s right.”

AK: I think She trusted me because she knew I had feelings for her. I can watch her watch my movies and know where I need to be smart because I usually share her opinion. It took a lot of time to get it right. But we never disagreed because I wanted to make a movie that she could support and I could support.

Is there anything you want people to actually do? Getting a secondary or deeper level from a movie?

SG: I just think there is a movie where I personally feel bad about how I feel moment. For example, in the beginning, when I was talking about my body, I liked to cry thinking about it because I hated that I ever felt that way. It’s a real feeling. I’m glad I don’t have that mentality anymore, but it does break my heart to see it.

AK: We set out to make a movie with some breadth. Everyone, at times, faces challenges and darkness. It might not even be mental health. This could be unemployment, illness or grief. Hopefully this movie gives people hope that you can still do something in your life and that you can still find light in those dark moments.



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