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Send the Best Online Holiday Cards and Invitations This Holiday Season

Searching for online greeting cards and invitations? The season is here—December is here, and with it, holiday parties, celebratory dinners, and the need to send your annual family portrait photos to friends around the world. While snail mail does have its charms, there’s no question that digital communication via email or text is faster and far less hassle. (You try to stuff the paper card into an envelope, write the address by hand, and take it to the post office.)

However, which electronic stationery companies are best suited to digitally display this festive spirit? Here are our top recommendations for online greeting cards and invitations.

Paperless mailing

Duro Olowu for paperless mailing. Courtesy Paperless Post

Paperless Post is perhaps the best-known digital invitation and greeting card company—and for good reason: Their holiday collection has more than 150 products including designs by Oscar de La Renta, John Derian and world famous calligrapher Bernard Meissner. (We especially like Duro Olowu’s richly patterned template.) It’s the perfect choice for those throwing large holiday parties, as it also lets you easily track RSVPs and send instant email updates to your guests— A real lifesaver for severe weather situations.


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