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Sentai Filmworks to release Carroll and Tuesday animation on home video

Clan Films announced Thursday that it has acquired the home entertainment rights to the original animation of the supervising director . Shinichiro Watanabe (

, , ) AND ANIMATION STUDIOBONES. Team will release animations on home video this fall.

Story introduced by the company:

In the near future, AI-generated music will dominate entertainment on Mars, where the brutal music industry churned out dozens of plastic stars made for mass appeal . It’s here that aspiring singer and orphan teen refugee from Earth Carol Stanley has struggled to make ends meet while dreaming of becoming a musician. That dream suddenly became closer to reality when she met Tuesday Simmons, a teen who was also a wannabe musician. Tuesday had her own set of problems, but when they banded together to make music the old-fashioned way, ignoring AI-generated conventions, their troubles disappeared. With the successful combination of Carole’s keyboards, Tuesday’s guitars and their vocal harmonies, this mighty duo challenged the world of Martian music together – but big city life wasn’t always for the naive of the likes of Carole and Tuesday Friendly young hopefuls.

Animation on Fuji TV

Premiere) of +Ultra April programming block 2020 . The show also premiered on Netflix in Japan the same week, with new episodes on Netflix. The first half of the animated series premieres worldwide on Netflix August 2019, the second half of the year premieres December 318.

Watanabe Shinichiro (, , ) is the supervising director of the show, Nobu Horimoto directed the animation, and Tsunenori Saito (, ) designed the characters for the animation. Canadian artist Mocky composed background music . The staff also includes Eisaku Kubonouchi (


, “Hungry Days” commercial) as the original character designer and Watanabe Aya ( Carnation,

) as screenwriter. The animation is in collaboration with synth and keyboard brand Nord and guitar maker Gibson .

Anime inspired debut in Kadokawa

Comics of

Magazine May

. The manga ended in July .

Source: Press Release )




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